istanbul istanbul (1996 – 1998)

Istanbul has always been the intersection point of different cultures, civilizations and continents. Over the centuries, it has been a great inspiration for those who have slanted to it; with its unique geography and splendid history. In the short history of the photographic art; the images that has taken for Istanbul reflect the most basic characteristic of theirselves: Their times…

We have also believed that it is an important task to photograph today’s Istanbul. Works that we accomplished between the time period of 1996-1998; we used black/white and colored photographic elements together. We worked with this style thus, it could be a link to this multi-culturel and colorful structure of Istanbul.

The reality of Istanbul with photograph could be done in different languages. You could either have delineated it by purifying the colors in it or you could have used the color element as a priority and made color harmonies with it. We used both approaches and with this synthesis, we deeply wanted to share, listen, describe the Istanbul by the meaning of photography.

With this approach, from black/white, purple/red to the each tones of grey; our purpose was to be able to photographed the “Istanbul of the colors.”

Yusuf Dariyerli – Selim Gunes