the disenchanted

The Disenchanted” – A movie telling about the dilemma of falling in love and loving… The sad story of the anti-hero Kuzey. The mourning of loneliness.

Kuzey and Sami… Feeling to bear the pains of the World, for these two friends, the World is neither a place to live nor can they escape from their past. There is no future. Kuzey waits for his death, whereas Sami waits for Kuzey.

One day, upon arrival of the young and beautiful Safak in Old Foca, Kuzey seems to change, but he does not lose his control. While Safak falls in love with Kuzey, he only loves Safak. In 22 days, Safak leaves Kuzey hundred times but turns back to him. But with her last leave by car, she disappears. She cannot be found for 5 years.

Kuzey’s rich eldest brother takes over the debts of Kuzey and sends his assistant Cigdem to Old Foca to save Kuzey’s hotel. Cigdem shows interest in Kuzey. Such feelings will remind Kuzey of Safak again. Kuzey’s friend the Dolphin Man finds Safak in the depth of the sea after 5 years. Two days later, Kuzey leaves the hotel to meet with Safak…

Can Kartoglu