White as Snow / Charlie Cockey

Charlie Cockey, European Film Program, Cinequest Film Festival, 2012.01.10

In the mountains by the Black Sea, winter wears on, but “where there is life, there is hope.”

Hasan, is twelve years old, his childhood lost to necessity like a cherished book swept away in a river. Forced by circumstance to help provide for his siblings, he must trudge miles through the mountains to sell ayran, the yoghurt drink, to passing travelers.

Told in impressionistic rather than literal fashion and featuring a wonderful cast of secondary characters etched suggestively rather than explained, White as Snow is a mosaic of moments, of beautiful images and sounds, of portents, signs and omens. Each fragment moment speaks, the moments together reveal the tale. A film of beautiful sound design and few words, it will hold you spellbound to its brilliant ending and beyond.

*** https://www.cinequest.org/films/158234/white-snow